Jun 3 13 8:41 AM

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I'm working with TabLauncher for more then 6 months, and it's really great. It was the solution to my cluttered dock.
As a system administrator in a busy prepress environment, I have a lot of different tasks where I need different groups of apps. TabLauncher is the solution for my needs.
But, while working a lot with TabLauncher, I noticed two things in using it. Two things which should behave in a different way, or at least the possibility, to choose this option in the preferences.
(Btw, I'm always using TabLauncher in Auto Hide modus)
1. The whole edge of the screen should activate TabLauncher, not only the width of the largest tab
2. TabLauncher should remember the last opened tab and show that, in stead of the tab which is under the pointer at that moment. 
These options should increase the speed in using this great app a lot.
I hope you can implement these options. I think a lot of users can benefit